Naked Truth

Texts: Genesis 2:25

Message: Naked Truth
Just as Adam and Eve lived before me naked and unashamed, walking freely in the garden I have created, so I am calling you into a fresh place of honest vulnerability before me where shame shall have no hold on you.

I am ripping off the layers of cover up; the filthy rags of the artificial to expose the naked truth below. Don’t get confused, this is not in a desire to shame you but instead to free you. You have dressed in clothes that are stiff, ill-fitting and restrictive. You have dressed in the robes of the courtesans of old, seductive and gaudy. You have dressed to please others, not me, to please the eyes of men, the eyes of other lovers.
Oh my bride, your beauty is beneath the external trappings, your beauty is within. This is not the simplicity of the robes of righteousness that I have prepared for you.

Let me redress you, let me redress the balance and restore righteousness to your ways. My heart longs for you to dress to please me. Be dressed in the simplicity of my ways, in the priestly garments that I have picked out for you.

Father, take away all worldly garments from my life and clothe me with your robe of righteousness so that I can please you today and forever in Jesus Name. Amen

Genesis 2:25
Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.

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